Joining Jen Saunders in the comic universe are two new titles:
Special Operations- The Untold Stories features stories from 2018-2019
The Call Girl Superheroine - Shelby isn't in Ops, but she's a paranormal call girl and the superheroine the Cube! (First issue will be January 2023)
Magazine format - Blurb books
E-format - Amazon

On the surface, the Torture Magic series is about the agents of Special Operations protecting the world from Torture Magicians, those that use torture to generate telekinetic power, and other paranormals. Below the surface, it’s about recovery from trauma.


Ops has regular field agents and paranormals. Most are elemental channelers, those that can channel the ancient Greek ‘elements’ of earth, wind, water, and fire. But there are plenty of variations. There is geometric channeling, which increases power by the user of shapes. There are those that channel primitive forces, like gravity. And then there are some, like Sam and Bam Grant, who have no powers at all other than savvy, wits, and the ability to shoot really well.